A talk on the philosophical orientation in Vietnam

On 5th September, 2018, all the students of Philosophy, both Jesuits and non-Jesuits, of the St. Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate of the Vietnam Province, participated in a talk on Philosophical Orientation in Vietnam. The speaker was Prof. Tran Van Doan, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Innsbruck. He now is the Rector of Chang Jung Christian University and a Professor of National Taiwan University.

During the talk, the Professor shared the practical roles of Philosophy in the world and the reality of philosophical development in Vietnam. Accordingly, the Professor showed the positive changes in the research and development of Vietnamese Philosophy today. Simultaneously, he also pointed out its limits. Thereby, the audience could understand more clearly the benefits from the study of Philosophy and know how to study Philosophy and put it into practice in the present time.

Prof. Tran Van Doan’s talk brought new inspiration to our learning and doing of Philosophy. His presentation of the topic and his answers to the scholastics’ questions were much appreciated.

Pr. Nguyen Van Duong, SJ.