“The Journey of Unity” of the Nong Lam Catholic Student Group

On September 15 and 16, 2018, being accompanied by the Vietnamese Jesuit Scholastics, 70 college students of the Catholic Student Group of Nong Lam University joined a retreat in the Monastery of the Vinh Phuoc Cistercian Nuns and then held the social apostolic activity at the Charity House of Dieu Phap and the Orphanage of Hanoi parish. The program was called “the Journey of Unity.”

By the theme“I am thirsty!”, the students were invited to put everything aside to experience the silent presence of God. Through the meditations in silence, each student had opportunity to listen to the call of God as well as to contemplate the thirst of Jesus Christ on the cross. After the prayer sessions, all students gathered together to share about their spiritual journeys during the summer. This sharing session helped the students to understand one another as well as to strengthen the unity and solidarity among members of the group.

In the afternoon, the whole group moved to the Dieu Phap Charity House and the Hanoi Parish Orphanage in Bien Hoa City to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with children. These children were abandoned by their parents or relatives. Now, they are taken care by the Buddhist monks and the Catholic nuns. Many gifts, lanterns were presented to the children. They were very enjoyed while joining traditional games, puzzle games, singing and dancing led by the students.

The program ended but all participants have been inspired by the encounter with God during their retreat and by the experience of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with the lovely children at the Charity House of Dieu Phap and the Hanoi Parish Orphanage. The journey hasn’t come to an end yet but it’s just a beginning…

Teresa Nguyen Binh & Teresa Tien

More photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CagKsfaf5S3-cM6mYZoqpNf4ywtpbDV6