“Having fun with theology” – Online video lectures on theology by Fr Nguyen Hai Tinh, SJ, STD

Context and purpose of the program

The word “Theology” sounds very strange to many people in the context of the education in Vietnam. However, theology is a compulsory course in academic programs of universities in America, Europe and other countries. There are even faculties of theology in these universities. In Vietnam, in the past, theological programs were offered in major seminaries and scholasticates of male religious congregations only. But recently theological programs have been opened in many theological centers of the Vietnamese Church to train not only male and female religious but also lay people. In addition, training theology for catechists has also been an essential part of Catechism formation of many dioceses. Therefore, having a basic theological textbook which is accessible and comprehensible is an actual need. Being inspired by this practical need, Father Francis Xavier Nguyen Hai Tinh, S.J. who obtained the doctoral degree in Sacred Theology at the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome, offers a series of theological lectures known as “Having fun with theology” which includes many video clips posted on the Jesuit Communications’ channels of the Vietnam Province. The target audience for this program is mainly catechists, theological students of major seminaries, scholasticates and those interested in theology.

Features of the program

The purpose of the program is to present basic knowledge on theology through an academic and understandable explanation without lacking humor. Lectures are concise, general yet adequate, orthodox yet appropriate for life. Moreover, audience will have a chance to explore important topics in theology as well as to be acquainted with many well-known theologians and different perspectives. Each audience is invited to ask his or her own question to explore how practical and applicable theological topics are regarding his or her life. Of course, not all question has an absolute answer.

Therefore, the nature of theology is in fact more questioning than answering. However, as a curriculum, the program will try to summarize orthodox perspectives of the Church in ways of helping audience to follow and grasp easily. “Having fun with theology” includes a series of articles that correspond to subjects of the dogmatic theology such as, introduction to theology; revelation of faith; Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium; Trinity; Christology; Eschatology, etc. Besides, the model of the program can be applicable to other subjects, such as philosophy, Scripture, morality, canon law and pastoral management of theology programs of seminaries and scholasticates.

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