Fr. Provincial Met 19 Incoming Novices

SJVN – 29 July 2019, Father Provincial Vincent Pham Van Mam, SJ, met 19 new novices who are going to enter the Sacred Heart Novitiate on the feast day of saint Ignatius, July 31.

The new novices are:

  1. Joseph Trần Văn Ánh, born: 1992; diocese: Hà Tĩnh.
  2. Joachim Lê Sơn Ca, born: 1993; diocese: Huế.
  3. Joseph Nguyễn Văn Chiến, born: 1994; diocese: Hà Nội.
  4. Francis Xavier Bùi Đình Anh Dũng, born: 1992, diocese: Sài Gòn.
  5. Joseph Vũ Hoàng Duy, born: 1995; diocese: Xuân Lộc.
  6. Dominic Nguyễn Văn Dương, born: 1994; diocese: Bà Rịa.
  7. Joseph Nguyễn Minh Đức, born: 1994; diocese: Long Xuyên
  8. Joseph Ngô Vinh Đức, born: 1995; diocese: Buôn Ma Thuột.
  9. Dominic Mai Văn Hải, born: 1993; diocese: Bùi Chu.
  10. Peter Trương Triệu Hải, born: 1994; diocese: Sài Gòn.
  11. Joachim Phạm Thanh Hiến, born: 1991; diocese: Xuân Lộc.
  12. Joseph Vũ Trung Hiếu, born: 1990; diocese: Sài Gòn.
  13. Peter Nguyễn Huy Kim, born: 1993; diocese: Hà Tĩnh.
  14. Anthony Phạm Văn Quốc, born: 1994; diocese: Hà Nội.
  15. Joseph Nguyễn Văn Thao, born: 1993; diocese: Xuân Lộc.
  16. Dominic Nguyễn Quốc Trung, born: 1995; diocese: Cân Thơ.
  17. John Baptist Lê Văn Tuấn, born: 1990; diocese: Hà Tĩnh.
  18. Francis Xavier Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, born: 1992; diocese: Hà Tĩnh.
  19. Joseph Tạ Đình Tuấn, born: 1996; diocese: Hưng Hóa.

The meeting began with the Benediction that was presided by Fr. Provincial.

Then, before sharing together a dinner, Fr. Vincent gave a short saying in which he encouraged incoming novices to entrust and freely offer their formation to God’s love and providence. On behalf of The Society of Jesus, he also promised the new novices that their vocation is prudently cared.

Scholastic Chí Thành