Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate (SJJS) Celebrates the Feast Day of St. Ignatius Loyola

In the evening of 30th July, all of members in Scholaticate Community gathered together in the main chapel to celebrate the Benediction. They praised God and gave Him thanks because of the gift of Igantian spirituality.

The day after that, it is considered the feast day of saint Ignatius, 31st July. The feast day had begun with the official morning prayers and then a mass followed. In the mass, father Rector, Joseph Pham Tuan Nghia, Sj, who was the presider, called the community to pray for father General, the collaborators, all Jesuit brothers and fathers; then also to pray for the repose of those Jesuits and benefactors who passed away.

After the mass, the sport competitions were celebrated. The event was carried out in friendship and joy. In the first position, a football competition for all of members of SJJS was taken place at a small stadium nearby in the morning.

Then, in the afternoon, there were 3 kinds of competition: table tennis, badminton and volleyball.

Then, all members of the Scholasticate Community enjoyed dinner together. In the dinner, rewards were given to those teams that had excellent achievements.

The feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, came to pass with much spiritual fruits for each of the scholastics who have been preparing themselves to be ready for future missions of the Society.

Scho. Chi Thanh, Sj