Visit The Departed Jesuits On The All Souls’ Day 02.11

In remembering our departed Jesuits who had offered their lives for the faithful and the development of the Society of Jesus in Viet Nam, Vietnamese Jesuits celebrated a special Mass on the All Souls’ Day at Thien Binh cemetery.

In the morning on November 2, we went to Thien Binh cemetery and celebrated Mass for the dead, especially Jesuits who worked and passed away in Viet Nam. Among them, there are seven Jesuits having peacefully rest at Thien Binh cemetery.

Today is also an important opportunity for Roman Catholics to pray for all faithful who have passed away. Moreover, this has become the tradition of Vietnamese Catholics when they visit the graves of their loved ones, bring them gifts, and reflect on departed loved ones in the Requiem Mass.

Father Joseph Pham Tuan Nghia, S.J., presided the Requiem Mass, together with some concelebrants such as Father Andrew Pham Van Tu, S.J., Acting Provincial, Father Michael Truong Thanh Tam, S.J., and other Jesuit priests, in addition to the active participation of scholastics, novices, as well as others who are now in regency.

In his homily, Father Truong Thanh Tam, S.J., highlighted the good examples of our departed Jesuits. He also praised their contributions to the development of the Society of Jesus in Vietnam for last decades. They are vivid examples for our young Jesuits.

After the Mass, all Jesuits assembled around the resting places of our departed Jesuits and offered them to God in prayer.