A Vietnamese Jesuit priest ordained in Tokyo

Two Jesuits: Rev. Nguyễn Minh Toàn SJ and Rev. Ochi Naoki SJ were ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Tarcisius Kikuchi Isao SVD on 17 September in St Ignatius Church in Tokyo.
Jesuit Communications

Jesuit Communications

Vietnam Province of the Society of Jesus

With Covid-19 restrictions still in place, the number of people allowed to attend was limited, but the ordinands’ families and friends were present, along with a large number of concelebrating priests.

The ordinands’ family members flew from Vietnam, the US, and Germany. Children from the two families formed an offertory procession, and the Sisters of Charity of Jesus along with a large group of Vietnamese singers and instruments provided the music. All in all, the ceremony was a great manifestation of love and support for the newly ordained.

In his words of appreciation, Fr Ochi compared the blessing of ordination to a letter. “The letter containing messages written by our families and the many people who have supported us up till now was signed and sealed by the Archbishop in today’s ceremony,” he said. “And we shall deliver this letter to the people we meet from now on.” [Japan Province]

From: JCAP – https://jcapsj.org/blog/2022/09/21/priesthood-ordination-in-japan/

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