A Vietnamese scholastic was ordained to the Diaconate in Japan

Scholastics Nguyễn Minh Toàn and Naoki Ochi were ordained deacons in Tokyo on 5 March by Archbishop Kikuchi of Tokyo in the chapel of the Scholasticate.
Jesuit Communications

Jesuit Communications

Vietnam Province of the Society of Jesus

The ceremony was live streamed for relatives and friends of the two new deacons, especially for Deacon Minh Toàn’s family and friends in Vietnam and the U.S.A.  Japan Provincial Fr Renzo de Luca SJ and Socius Fr Sanji Yamaoka SJ were present along with former Provincial Fr Yoshio Kajiyama SJ.

Vietnamese Deacon Joachim Nguyen Minh Toan, SJ was admitted to the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Thu Duc in 2010. After taking his first vows in 2012, he studied philosophy at St. Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate. He was sent to Japan for regency in 2015.

“Being ordained deacons is a joyous occasion for us, our families, the Society, and the Church! At the same time, we cannot forget the responsibilities which are asked of us—to serve the Word of God and the altar, to encourage the work of love, and so on. I believe that I will receive enough grace to fulfill the ministry of service faithfully,” said Deacon Minh Toàn.

Source: https://jcapsj.org/blog/2022/03/09/the-grace-of-diaconate-ordination-in-tokyo/

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