Couples celebrate their wedding anniversary at Ny parish

Phuong Anh

Phuong Anh


11 couples celebrating their wedding anniversary this year gathered on 03 January at the Church of Ny in Bac Ninh diocese for a special Mass. Fr. Peter Danh, SJ was the main celebrant and Fr. Joseph Sang, SJ was the homilist.

In his opening remarks, Fr. Danh who is also the parish priest of Ny, explained the meaning of the Mass and praised the important value of family life which is chosen to be a pastoral program for young people for the year 2021 by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam. In his homily, Fr. Sang said the value of love and forgiveness in family life should be centered on Jesus Christ. He invited the couples to imitate the love of Christ.  

After the homily, the presider asked the couples to turn to each other as he led them in a renewal of their marriage vows. Again, each couple exchanged their wedding vows in which they promised to be faithful in their marriage life.

The wedding anniversary Mass was a wonderful chance for the couples to thank God for their happiness, love and fidelity. It was also a meaningful gathering for their offspring, relatives and friends. After the Mass, the couples received gifts and flowers from the parish and their descendants.     

Ny parish, a Jesuit-run parish, belongs to Bac Ninh diocese in the northern part of Vietnam. The parish has 8 sub-parishes. The distance from the parish to each sub-parish is about 7 to 9 km. Evangelization and re-evangelization are urgent tasks in these areas where many people deny spiritual values and many people live below the poverty line.