JESCOM Media Education Workshop, an initiative to involve young Catholics to media

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Jesuit Communications

Jesuit Communications

Vietnam Province of the Society of Jesus

On 4th March 2017, the first JESCOM Media Education Workshop started in the curia of Vietnam Province of the Society of Jesus organized by Jesuit Communication Committee, the program was inspired by the VJ training program (CommLab) by SIGNIS. “At first the objective of the workshop was to provide pocket training for young people and build up a network of skilled volunteers for SJVN who are sensitive with information, eager to share and able to share” said Rev. Nguyen Van Yen, S.J. After two workshops on March and April, the program is now searching for sponsorship in order to maintain as bi-monthly meaningful and useful training program for young Catholics across the country whom would like to be messenger of peace and enthusiastic work with the Church.There are two levels of training: Basic and Advance. The basic workshop focuses on photography and film which bring participants from criticizing the photo they took, then with knowledge provided about composition, framing, and basic techniques of the camera, the participants are asked to take a photo with given topic. By going through the fundamental rules, the instructor hopes that later, whenever they compose a photo for their youth Catholic groups, the photo can be used and able to deliver a message. After half day “playing” with the camera and taking photo, participants move to filming part. This part also goes through very basic techniques including handing the camera, composition, framing, cuts, basic rules, and some shortcut tasks on Adobe Premier. Then the participants team up and do assignment outdoor. Whereas the advance workshop is more about working with the software, dealing with technical issues and also communication ethics and Catholic teachings.

“Even the productions are good and interesting, but the superior and other fathers do not value the quality of the videos as much as the attitude and the enthusiasm that the participants had offered, and the productions give us hope that if we continue this program, we would have a huge network of capable young people who are skillful and spiritual” – Rev. Nguyen Van Yen, S.J.

There are seven workshops conducted and one other workshop in collaboration with the Salesian sisters, we strongly believe that all young Catholics have goodwill to serve and talents to offer as long as we give them tools and empower them. With the skills and knowledge in hands, we also spark in them a light to reveal what is behind the media today that mislead the whole community.More information about JESCOM Media Education Program, kindly contact Rev. Nguyen Van Yen, S.J. via [email protected]  [Video] - A production by JESCOM I.2017 submitted to SIGNIS[Video]  - a production by JESCOM V[Photo 1] Topic “Street life” taken by Ngan Tran, JESCOM V.2017[Photo 2] JESCOM I.2017 during filming session[Photo 3] JESCOM V.2017 during filming session [Photo 3] JESCOM II.2017 working on their filming assignment 

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