Recently-ordained priests gather in Vung Tau city for annual young priests’ meeting

Tho Vu, SJ

Tho Vu, SJ

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

The annual young priests meeting from 17-20 September 2020 was organized in Vung Tau province with our young Jesuit Priests from one the five years after ordination.

On the first meeting day, we spent time for a mini recollection under the instruction of Father Nguyen Hai Tinh. First, he asked us to think about one own identity. He reminded us about the three characteristics that we should bear in mind: we are priests – Jesuits – and young. These elements form who we are and also motivate us to go forward, to keep on learning, and to serve in whatever mission that we are to be sent. Second, father Hai Tinh also asked to think about our mission. Above all, God is the one who sends us, the Society sends us. So we need to aware of the mission that entrusted to us. Lastly, he challenged us to evaluate how do we, personally, grow up in comparison to the last year.

In the afternoon of the first day, we studied and shared with one another about one of the UAPs: Accompanying With The Youth. For sure, this is not just our priority, but it is also the apostolic preference of the Church, namely the Pope with his recent documents. By doing so, we came to know more about the advantages, disadvantages of the youth. Above all, we see there is light and hope that continuously call for our commitment.

On the second day, 19th September 2020, we invited Nguyen Duc Loc, PhD from Social life Institute to share with us about the globalization and its influences on the youth. He highlighted the challenging situation of the migrants and the need for pastoral cares. Migrants change the overall picture of the social structure, community, parishes. This changing is somehow unpredicted. Many people do have a hometown but not really belong; they go from place to place but not attach to any place… these situations invite us to be more sensitive and have radical engagements in working with the youth.

On the last day, 20th September, 2020, Doctor Nguyen Duc Loc continued to help us in exploring Vietnamese Family Situations, especially for Catholic family. There are some challenges such as for Christians, they are forced to earn money, lack of time for one another, lack of good and sound Christian education. Thus, they call for new approaches in processing Catholic marriage, or how to deal with marriage in different cults, living together before marriage. Though there are challenges, but there is always hope, there is a way out. By looking at the life of the Holy Family, there is light and hope – hoping that with God’s grace and our collaboration, each family would reflect the face of God forever more.